Magic Trio™ Peelers [3 Pieces per Set]

$17.94   $34.88


  • Black 50mm Peeler: General Peeling potatoes, carrots, apples, pumpkin, pineapples, tomatoes:
  • Blue 68mm Peeler: Cabbage shredder, cheese slicer, ribbons, thin slicing:
  • Red Julienne PeelerJulienne, zucchini noodles, pumpkin spaghetti


  • Peels any fruit or vegetable. Slices small blocks of cheese
  • Advantageous to people with Arthritis
  • The Magic Trio Peelers are smoother to hold and dishwasher safe.
  • The material is resistant to any deformities or breakage.
  • New flat guide for easier slicing
  • The size of the blade is 50mm


1. Use the standard peeler. for peeling any fruit or vegetable, and slicing half kilo block of cheese and vegetable with a small diameter.

2. Use the Professional peeler for shredding cabbage, slicing vegetable of a bigger diameter, and a one-kilo block of cheese

3. Use the Julienne for making standard size julienne for solid fruits or vegetables such as carrot, zucchini and so on.