Hurricane Spin Duster - 360 Degree Duster

$26.99   $50.00

Make Dusting Fun & Easy

Dust gets everywhere. Feather dusters spread dust around. And cleaning with a cloth spray is backbreaking work. Power clean your home quick and easy with this.

--The motorized dust wand does the hard work for you, eliminating dust in half the time.

--Just press the button and start dusting! Evict those dust bunnies hiding in hard-to-read areas once and for all. The super-soft dust heads are gentle for all surfaces and conform to fit any shape and space, Thanks to the electrostatic charge, bristles attract and trap dust. After you’re finished cleaning, simply rinse the dust head, and allow to air dry. 

  • Motorized dust wand
  • Does the hard work for you
  • Dustheads attract and trap dust
  • Super-soft dust head conforms to all shapes
  • Fits in hard-to-read places
  • Safe for all types of surfaces
  • One-button operation
  • Reusable dust heads
  • Battery operated 


  • MOTORIZED DUSTER: just press the button and the motorized duster evicts dust bunnies faster than your feather duster.
  • ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE: bristles attract and trap dust, then rinses clean.


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